Jaz is an artist, singer, songwriter, and producer from New York City. Sometimes enigmatic, his free-flowing music dances around ambient R&B that effortlessly sifts through melodies, allowing listeners to lose themselves within the music.

Jaz learned piano at an early age by ear, as well as the trumpet and the drums. Music has always been a major part of his life. His latest release “Iss All Good” reflects some of his favorite 90’s R&B melodies he is inspired by while also keeping up with modern sound of today. With the intentions to touch millions of people globally, Jaz only hopes to be as great as the “Greats’ and as pure and genuine as those who have been recognized for their Craft in such a competitive industry.



Marz is a rapper, hip-hop artist, producer, and songwriter born and raised in New York City. Although he also loves to create music in the genre he likes to call ‘bedroom-pop’, he more so identifies himself in the realm of alternative hip-hop. As a genuine musician, Marz’ passion for creating and producing began at a very young age when he made original music for a band he had in high school, playing and teaching himself the drums and the bass guitar. Today, his music and style intertwine perfectly and as as fluidly as his raps and beats.

Growing up with music has not only made him the artist he is today, but also helped him create evoking and unpredictable music and kept him constantly inspired when nothing else could. While producing is Marzboygenius’ favorite thing to do, being an artist and having a voice is the staple to his art.

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It’s undeniable that an incredibly talented angsty pop singer-songwriter would amount from the legendary Paul Simon—Lulu Simon’s impeccably toned voice will make you melt, swoon, and think about every single emotion you felt the day your ex broke your heart into a million pieces. Meet Lulu, a spunky ball of creative energy who never had a day without listening to and watching music be made. Although a native New Yorker, Lulu lived in many different places growing up, with not one place to actually call ‘home.’ This is ever so similar to the artist she is: not defined by anything or anyone and independently paving her own artistic path.

From making mix CD’s, to bringing out a boom box to the swings, there came a point when music changed from pure enjoyment to a necessary emotional outlet. Lulu had been playing piano at a very young age but decided to take on guitar to write songs similar to her pop-punk influences. She immediately fell in love with acoustic songwriting and as her guitar playing progressed, so did her intricate and addictive melodies, and her passion for pop music, “When I heard Carly Rae Jepsen’s Emotion I was like oh my gosh this music makes me feel better than any music has ever made.



Gamal is the wizard behinds NOISE’s music operation. Brooklyn born and raised Gamal Abdu stated making music from the age of 3. He knew since then this is what he was put on this earth to do. Since then he’s developed a skillset to help with his goals including learning to sing, play the guitar, piano and bass and produce and engineer music.

You can’t box Gamal in. His influences are far and wide and this allows him to create music in different genres and categories. Although he’s forte is RnB, he feels just at home in Hip Hop, Folk, EDM and Pop. He doesn’t see genre as a defined thing and likes to blur the lines between them. He believes in building music from the ground up and specialized for each artist, you’ll know his sound when you hear it.